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Welcome to our opinion box! The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department has been continuously promoting food safety to the trade and public. Your valuable feedback can help us to do better. Please kindly complete the following questions.




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1. No matter how long the food has been kept, it is safe for consumption so long as there is no mould growing.

2. We should store ready-to-eat (RTE) foods and uncooked foods at upper and lower compartments in refrigerator respectively.

3. The temperature in refrigerator should be kept at 4oC or below.

4. Raw meat defrosted by microwave oven can be frozen again if not consumed.

5. Half-cooked egg tastes good and is safe for consumption.

6. When I buy pre-packaged foods, I seldom check the expiry dates.

7. I wash hands with soap and water before preparing sandwiches or salads.

8. I use two different sets of chopping boards and knives for RTE foods and uncooked foods.

9. When having hot pot, I dip cooked food in raw egg before eating.

10. I learn the concept of food safety from FEHD’s website and publicity programme.

11. Are you working in food sector?


12. Do you have any other comments on our programme?

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